its conspiracy!!!

he has ok figure. he eat much but work also many

her think her big. her many times plan diet but her many fails

her asked he how her look

he look her and he honest said

her big for her height

he said nicely though

he said her look he

he no much change many many years

her not satisfy

her revenge

her talk her little little soldiers

her talk her big assistant also

her had plan

her very happy her plan

he very worry

her cook very good food everyday

her cook very good

her cook he what like  eat

her know what he want eat

her cook

her know what he dont like

her no cook

her cook good good

he eat lot

he eat lot

he now worry

her make this many many many days

he sure round

he can be big big

he worry

he confused

he no eat her cook he good

he eat cannot eat little

he eat a lot coz her cook he good

how he ???


13 Responses to “its conspiracy!!!”

  1. ya Allah abg long!! letihhh membaca nyer! hahaha

    may the force be with he! hehehehe

  2. how he??

    he will bcome big for he height


  3. missjat Says:

    dah rasa mcm master yoda dah!
    good luck abglong….
    chaiyok kaklong!

  4. acik oren Says:

    he will be more big from her
    so he must eat that roti keping jacobs

  5. the mission has been accomplish…hehehehehe

  6. He leaves her for another laaaa..

  7. her+he = he+her = heher = hampeh

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