keyword search

aku boleh paham kalau keyword utk search article dlm blog aku tu berunsur seks atau berbaur lucah..

tapi ???

searchcuba clarify ???? STOKIN ??????????


9 Responses to “keyword search”

  1. hahahah saya gelak pepagi subuh nih!

  2. missjat Says:

    huhuhu ini ada istilah barulah abg long
    mmg stokin berbau lucah kalau tambah plastik kat depan dia
    stokin plastik = K**D**

    general knowledge okey…not blue knowledge.

  3. hehehehe tiap kali baca entry nih, tiap kali tu tak tahan nak gelak! hehehe adoii..agaknyer org nak cari brand stokin apa abg long pakai kot hehehe

  4. Ahaks…. Ada yg dok usyar stokin abg long beli kat mana kot.. 😀

  5. Jimmy Darrel Says:

    I don’t recommend software very often but this new service is excellent. It is a keyword tool with a database of millions of keywords showing the adwords traffic count per month together with the google competition count and other data.

    At a click of a button you can find phrases with traffic but no competition and I have used it already to get pages and sites to the top of the search engines, even with no backlinks. You can watch a video of it in use here –

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