what i do for living

for some; i might have a pretty dull work life. most of the times, only involves dead machinery. work at odd hours and odd days. but, thats what we do and thats the path that i chose. love it though the pays sometimes far from marvelous.

latest; is to design an automation system for this bugger..

dy its something inside your LCD/Plasma panels.

they need me to design a machine that could do some testing on that thinggy. before it could be pasang to the tv, they need to do some checking on functions and various kinds of other tests.

currently they already have some system but its giving them much headache.

hope i could helps them solve the problem.

doakan abanglong yer….

happy monday my frens.


12 Responses to “what i do for living”

  1. happy monday my abg long!

  2. Allah tidak pernah melupakan hambaNya yang sentiasa berusaha

    • abanglong Says:

      pB – betul tu. kita sememangnya kena sentiasa berusaha, dan berdoa. moga apa yg di impikan menjadi genggaman satu hari nanti….

  3. serindit rimba Says:


    Good Luck Abang Long… Idup kena teruskan..!

  4. missjat Says:

    good luck and chaiyo abg long

  5. Good luck. At times I wish I could do the same, working with lifeless piece of machine because it doesn’t talk and nag..

  6. sentiasa mendoakan dalam apa jua yang abanglong lakukan..

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