senjata sulit

nak cerita pasal senjata sulit.

dalam bisnes, one of the most mustahak things yg kita perlu ada untuk jadi one step ahead of competitors is information. we need to know what,why,who,when and such things terlebih dahulu..

we cant simply jadi katak bawah tempurung.

now banyak cara kita nak stay informed. thanks to IT nyer techs.

nak crita.. smalam after a meeting wif one company i terjumpa wif an old flame. and old flame ni means this guy, pernah jadi kawan baik, then pernah kena marah wif me, pernah tak bertegur and so on – sebab kerja lah not personal.but we still remain friends.

he actually, one of my suppliers masa my engineers days many many years back. i screwed him kaw kaw because he tipu things that i ordered.he cut corners to gain more profit and he tried to con me. dapat before i kena screw ngan boss, i taruk him first.

the case was quite severe hingga he was technically banned from doing business with our company.

he eventually admit the mistake and mintak maap and so on.

case solved

this mamat, is a very hardworking and persistent guy. respect him. his business is superbly maju and he manage to secure business from overseas and so on.

end up a millionare i think.

so smalam… i met him again. shake hands. he now became my saingan dalam business hehehe.

borak borak

then he popped the question..

adi.. camana projek kau wif XXX ??

-XXX is a company yg supply satu benda yg if tadek, our lives would be miserable 🙂 really havoc!!

and he sambung… kau buat design utk depa kan.

and he pat my back… wah… kalau jadi senyum la kau !!




its information. and it still top secret. i mean, yes.. i do have those meeting with the XXX guys weeks ago. and yes, it cames with really really really nice figures yet; i never tell anybody. takder orang tau. though still in negotiation stages; i do hope i could grab that opportunity. doa kan abanglong yer……

how he knew???


14 Responses to “senjata sulit”

  1. semoga abanglong get the deal with the whatever ‘XXX’ company..
    *doa dengan bersungguh-sungguh.. hahaha :p*

  2. acik oren Says:

    alaa biasa la tu kan
    rasa nya dah buat bisnes mesti ade gosipan liar jugak
    eh kire abglong pemes jugak laa that why he know about the ” figure’
    ye dok?

    mintak 2 smua berjalan lancar laa

    eh pesal takde open keje bidang IT ek?


    • abanglong Says:

      oren – hahaha gosipan liar ekkk..
      abanglong idak la pehmes mana pon… just normal jer (walaupun mmg encem muahahahaha)
      it ? well for the time beeing, IT line yg kami buat is just the networking and the wireless stuffs 🙂 can send resume though…

  3. serinditrimba Says:

    mau mintak jadi kerani buleh? mau larik la.. he he he

    Abang Long dunia sekarang ni mana ada rahsia lagi.. bom orang pun orang tau saper punyer kerje… (walau pun hanya khabar angin..!)

  4. missjat Says:

    mesti dia pasang spy 008
    latest version of 007

  5. amboi .. good information .. sbb itu terus shake hens sakan dgn abanglong .. everybody wanna be your frengs .. asalkan dia btoi shake hens as frens and not hiding his fangs ..


  6. Mesti ada org dalam tuh..BTW, All the best abg long..

    • abanglong Says:

      needa – most prob la. act many ppl eyeing for the project. its just that they already asked us to do the designs 🙂

  7. huhuhuh..memang senjata sulit ye abg long… macam ada ejen perisikan plak???

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