on d way !!!

cant sleep last nite. tertidur only lepas subuh..as the results… 14 missed calls from a client whom i suppose to meet at 9 am.
on the way boss!! on the way !
jamn.hapdet using HP. guns n roses – november rain on the stereo.


13 Responses to “on d way !!!”

  1. ayyokkk…lambat…hehehe

  2. erm terlebih kopi kot..tu yang takleh tido. By the way, thanks for dropping by. Singgah lagi ok!!

  3. abag long.. nak gak pwd utk protected nyer citer… pleaseee..

  4. missjat Says:

    kalau dgn tunang
    on the way saya depan cermin
    on the way dia kat mana2 ntah
    dua2 takleh pakai

  5. rozbud27 Says:

    hehe .. abglong saja password .. sah takde citer .. sajer kan kan ..

  6. abg long,

    kabar? lama rasa tak tegur sini eks..how’s business so far? ok ker? harap2 everything ok yer..my prayer for u tau..

    ok, perkara kedua..nak gaks password tu boleh? hehehe

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