tanpa tajuk

rivers dont drink water they carry

trees dont eat the fruits they bear

clouds dont bathe in the rain they produce

we are meant to give even we get nothing from it

measuring life by what others do may dissapoint us


measuring life by what we do will make life meaningful





6 Responses to “tanpa tajuk”

  1. don’t ask what your country can give you.. ask what you can give to your country..

    – tak tahu lah sape punya words ni.. neeza tolong quote je hahaha!!!

  2. missjat Says:

    menarik tul apa neeza quote tu..heheheh
    kita dah pangkah dah tp tak plak bleh dpt apa2

  3. rozbud27 Says:

    we are the receiver of the generocity and kindness of the Most Merciful …

    yet we continues to forget our promise and oath that we’ve sealed before we were born as flesh and born ..

    to err is human .. but we chose to selectively forget and blame the whispers that could only entice us .. we choose to forget that we hold our own destiny ..

    pepatah melayu nan bijaklaksana .. mentimun tangan kiri .. pisau tangan kanan ..

    hang pikiaq lah sendiri .. !!!!

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