02 – kedua – tangan

my youngest dotter did some science experiments.

she rendam my ol nokia dalam her milo ice.

the beras technic somehow boleh save but the nokia still goes crazy. making it useless.

well.. sudah sampai ajal la.

big ol dad when to  hanphones shops. nearly jump with full excitements when the mata sepet guy agreed to trade in the phone for RM80 ( i purchased the phone many months ago – also second hand for rm50 🙂 hehehe )

as a trade.. he sold me the PDA phone. An O2 Atom. A winmobile based phone with built in wi-fi and other stuffs – no GPS though.

well, though it was an ol phone, it still suits the needs pretty well. now i can sync all my contacts, appointments and etc to my pc and my HP PDA. So memudahkan kerja.

i found only two drawbacks….

lemah tenaga batin !!!


beeing powered by an Lithium battery that had memory effect; the phone cant last long !

its ok as long as i dont leave the office – keep it plugged to the charger huhuhu.

old wifi !

Beeing a device that were born somewhere in 05-06; it used the old wifi technology. It still used the type A wifi. Alas all new routers and devices using type G or latest is type N. So most of the time i cant use the wifi functions unless it still use the ol type A technology ( Wifi signals transmittion terms. The oldest is A then followed by B and G. Latest is N – basically its the transmission speed and coverage)






btw – my sayang gave me a cute sony ericsson though 🙂



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