jb – a review

What is an MRI scan?

MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is a fairly new technique that has been used since the beginning of the 1980s.

The MRI scan uses magnetic and radio waves, meaning that there is no exposure to X-rays or any other damaging forms of radiation.
How does an MRI scanner work?

The patient lies inside a large, cylinder-shaped magnet. Radio waves 10,000 to 30,000 times stronger than the magnetic field of the earth are then sent through the body. This affects the body’s atoms, forcing the nuclei into a different position. As they move back into place they send out radio waves of their own. The scanner picks up these signals and a computer turns them into a picture. These pictures are based on the location and strength of the incoming signals.

Our body consists mainly of water, and water contains hydrogen atoms. For this reason, the nucleus of the hydrogen atom is often used to create an MRI scan in the manner described above.
What does an MRI scan show?

Using an MRI scanner, it is possible to make pictures of almost all the tissue in the body. The tissue that has the least hydrogen atoms (such as bones) turns out dark, while the tissue that has many hydrogen atoms (such as fatty tissue) looks much brighter. By changing the timing of the radiowave pulses it is possible to gain information about the different types of tissues that are present.

An MRI scan is also able to provide clear pictures of parts of the body that are surrounded by bone tissue, so the technique is useful when examining the brain and spinal cord.

Because the MRI scan gives very detailed pictures it is the best technique when it comes to finding tumours (benign or malignant abnormal growths) in the brain. If a tumour is present the scan can also be used to find out if it has spread into nearby brain tissue.

The technique also allows us to focus on other details in the brain. For example, it makes it possible to see the strands of abnormal tissue that occur if someone has multiple sclerosis and it is possible to see changes occurring when there is bleeding in the brain, or find out if the brain tissue has suffered lack of oxygen after a stroke.

The MRI scan is also able to show both the heart and the large blood vessels in the surrounding tissue. This makes it possible to detect heart defects that have been building up since birth, as well as changes in the thickness of the muscles around the heart following a heart attack. The method can also be used to examine the joints, spine and sometimes the soft parts of your body such as the liver, kidneys and spleen.
How does an MRI scan differ from a CT scan?

Those were some text from the net; explain about the MRI scan.

Well basically maklong had a some wierd blackouts. she suffered severe headache and then blackout. these happens few times lately.

the doctor suggested to go for MRI scan since those scan will show any wierd things dalam brains/kepala. abanglong bukan doktor but he told us that those tanda tanda tu might related to brain tumor or such.

panik ler kami.

check wif the local hospitals, case like this they still consider normal.and walk in patients kena tunggu que.that might take up to six months baru boleh do the tests.

nak buat kat private hospital sure libu libu which might diluar kemampuan.

then my bro in JB told me that he could arrange the test to be done there.

maka bergerak lah kami ke sana.

on the way, maklong told me that if abanglong bolehlah start cari pengganti dia…

i said.. okeh.. i will


merajuk lak !!! ngeh ngeh ngeh.

anyway – it happens that since maklong ni ada asthma; she need to take some ubat to counter effect the ‘contrast’ given prior to the test. and the ubat kena telan 12 jam sebelum procedure.


panjang lebar doktor tu cerita. (before that kena scold by him;the head department of ENT – how come you boleh bypass our systems. tak ada refferal, tak ada previous records and bla bla bla)

he then do the testings bla bla and eventually refer the case to unit xray for the MRI

nota kaki – misi kat xray sangat comey. hehe

since maklong need to take the ubat maka need to come another time.

on the way back… told her about the sweet misi.

dush – dush – hahaha. aikkk tadi suruh cari calongggggg!!

we turun JB another time.she took the ubat n need to puasa.



the whole test took about one hour.

my friend explains me while i glance at the monitor. tak paham but i do understood that there is no tumor or any blood clog inside her brain.its a major relief.thank God.


so now back to basic.the major things has been ruled out. got few ubats and follow up checkup next two months.

on the way back maklong told me cancel…

i asked her

apa yang cancel

cari calonggg she said while makan the burger king before toll.


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  1. syukur alhamdulillah
    moga maklong sihat and dalam lindunganNya selalu.Amin

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