business – killer shot

i’ve completed the design for the lifter conveyor. a full automation system that will enhance the clients production took me almost 3 days to complete..

am happy with the design.

the cost ?

half of my competitors price

how ?

simplified the design but still maintain the same need wierd attachments as long as the job is done as required.

why ?

i used to be an engineer with an electronic company decades ago.during those days, i need a vendor/supplier that can helps me with my daily stuffs.they should be able to come with innovative yet cheap solutions to our problems inline.

and that service is what i’m offering to all my clients.

they happy and i happy.

i will present to their management today.hope i will get the project as currently the business is very low.

do pray for me my frens.


15 Responses to “business – killer shot”

  1. Desert Rose Says:


  2. Farzilah Says:

    hi ablong…

    lama i tak singah yuor blog… nak kena read all your blog back… by kdah tertinggal…. sorry a bit bz with life n work…

    how are you? family ok? cute ella pajila ok?

    you take care and jgn kawan dgn babi… nanti kena selsema babi plak…

  3. AMIN. Yakin boleh abglong!!

  4. insyaallah dapat..amin..

  5. rozbud27 Says:

    (sambil tadah tangan) semoga abeylong dapat biznez baguih2 .. dan belanja kami blogger fans makan ramai2 .. dengan syarat .. tidak belanja roti canai kosong and teh tarik ajerr .. hehehe

    go abeylong go .. !!!

  6. acik oren Says:

    selamat berjaya
    jangan lupe dah berjaya belanje saya

  7. acik oreng Says:

    selamat berjaya
    jangan lupe dah berjaya belanje saya
    BTW I love your blog!

  8. serindit rimba Says:

    InsyaAllah… ada rezeki abang Long tu…

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