cucuk lagi

remember my entry about the new invention that i would like to patent?

– the all in one charger that can charge all kind of handphones and gadgets ??

due to lack of funds;i still cant afford to patent that thing and all the design n prototype were still with me. well, in NST today; an international company had came out with the said product….

prettymuch the same idea with mine. one device, interchangable cable,..



p2 .


my previous entry about the invention is here


15 Responses to “cucuk lagi”

  1. acik oren Says:

    takpe lepas ni leh wat charger hp dalam kete yang multi mcm charger itu
    so ok la kan
    sama idea tapi dalam kete
    ok wat

    jangan sedih sedih

  2. missjat Says:

    takper abang long
    usaha tangga kejayaan
    dont u worry, ur invention sure boleh jadik jugak
    percayalah !

  3. Aiseh.. tak per.. bagi je prototype tu kat kiter..

  4. abg long dia org ciplak abg long nyer idea nih…. huhuhuhuh…..

  5. kalau abg long punya lebih murah, mesti bleh penetrate market nih…

  6. emm….just a diversion…abanglong market kan ja…saya cnfirm beli dan paksa sume sedara mare…serta kawan2 kepada sedara mare saya…(and so on…)…untuk beli…itu product oversea made…i bet the cost can be reduce right?keep up the effort abanglong!!

  7. nice blog
    happy to you

  8. erm…interesting really

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