birthday – ella

today is her birthday
officially six years old 🙂


10 Responses to “birthday – ella”

  1. happy birthday ella… papa bagi apa birthday ni?? 😉

  2. happy birthday, ella :o)

  3. happy besday ella..
    stay cute….!!

  4. appy bday ella.. nak hadiah mintak kat daddy ella..

  5. ella! happy belated birthday!
    macham la ella baca komen ne kan??
    hahaha XD

  6. acik oren Says:

    hepi bufday ella
    mintak papa adiah kan lori sebijik k

  7. rozbud27 Says:

    happy belated besday ella .. kena panggil little lioness .. sbb lahir dalam bln LEO .. padan lazeeersss …. hehehehe

  8. happy belated birthday ella…

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