kilang;kereta dan kunci

was assigned to pasang some metal structure kat bukit

i passed it to one of my contractors; though i still need to be there together gether

so he picked me up  and off we  go to bukit

around 5; my staff called

boss,laptop ada kat yr bilik. nanti balik office tak ?

i said yes; i’ll be back to the office

got some more paperworks need to be done later.

the staffs went home at 5.00

i reached office around 6 something


kunci office dalam kereta


kunci kereta dalam office!


3 Responses to “kilang;kereta dan kunci”

  1. Selamat Hari Raya abglong

  2. eh? so macham mane retrieve those keys tu??

  3. catch 22… abis camno?

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