customers – unwritten code of ethics

this entry is meant for those who wants to do business and deals with group  of people called customers.

1995.after grad – i joined a consultant firm; antara hasil tangan abanglong is the automatic irrigation system for the KLIA.and a fully automatic irrigation utk landscape at one of the shopping malls in if sapa sapa nak bunga bunga kat umah disiram secara otomatik; boleh runding 🙂 masa kat sini, i jadi supplier kepada client/customer.

then i joined an electronic giant. resigned 5 years later as a senior design engineer. menjadi end user/customer pada masa tersebut.

i was with this engineering line since then

altogether – close to 15 yrs of experience dealing as/with customer/suppliers.

base from my experience; i wrote this entry.

do take notes that this is based only from my observations and my personal point of view; it doesn’t reflect the industry as whole.

  1. boss – they need you to treat them as boss. it is true and i always gave them the utmost respect. whether they is right or wrong – they will and must be treated as they are right.
  2. they answer to their own bosses – so… if there is any disagreement/wrong doing in terms of projects and/or drawing,information etc – its the suppliers fault. no question asked! they gave the wrong data – when their boss asked; its the supplier who do wrongly…
  3. their ass is most important – refer to item 2
  4. if they told u to jump – dont ask why but tanya how high ! – means that they would love you to do things the way they like.
  5. you drove a ferrarri F1 car -and your office are linked directly to their office with a twenty lane highway. they expect you to be at their doorstep as soon as they hung up the phone; calling you to meet them
  6. you were invincible to all naked eyes – even though they asked u to come at three; and u arrive at 2 50. they will take their own sweet time to attend you. tunggu la you!!!
  7. they live in PLUTO – as if their clocks are ticking eleven time faster then earth clocks. so; if u’ve waited 3 hours for them and they attend you for two minutes; its already six hours according to their watches.
  8. if they need to call you – you must call them.
  9. their hp’s even were the latest models, are meant to make missed calls to u
  10. top urgent items – though u didnt sleep for three days to siapkan eveything, it will tersimpan under their table once u deliver it to them
  11. u employ autobots from transformers as your staffs – safe to say that each and every items they ordered could and will be completed in less than time they fart
  12. u owns a multi huge DIY store – everything they order – u must have it as ready stock
  13. meeting is food – arrangement for meetings are scheduled exactly before lunch/break/dinner. do bring extra extra gold bars
  14. your hp is satellite based – they can contact u wherever n whenever u were. no excuse
  15. your father is Einstien – you were expected to know every single things to each and every question they ask.
  16. you also run talian kasih as part time job – any problems they faced – you have the solutions
  17. they have three  rules. rule no 1 – they were always right. rule no 2 – follow rule no 1. rule no 3 – they were always right.

actually, there are many many more things to write….

the list – is only those negative aspects. sengaja abanglong tulis pengalaman pahit/negative dahulu moga ianya menjadi panduan. bukan senang untuk memuaskan hati mereka mereka yang bergelar customer kita.

pun begitu; dalam bisnes, customer is king. nak tak nak kita memang terpaksa melayan mereka sebaiknya kerana mereka adalah perantara. maksudnya, mereka mereka ini biasanya adalah decision maker. they normally will decide whether you will or will not get the job…

dan mereka biasanya sedar akan kedudukan itu dan kuasa yang ada pada mereka. dan ramai dikalangan mereka; akan menggunakan kedudukan dan kuasa itu dengan cara yang tidak sepatutnya…

dan tersangat ramai; supplier supplier menggunakan kuasa ‘kepala agong’ untuk memenangi hati customer customer ini…..

itulah hakikat – the dark side of business.

pun begitu, tidak dinafikan bahwa ada antara mereka ini dan alhamdulillah, kebanyakan dari my customer adalah tergolong dari mereka yang berhati dan bersifat mulia.

kerja is kerja.  buat silap, i kena marah. quality problem, i kena maki. and so on.

tapi itu time kerja. time huha huha.. is time for huha huha. we respect each other and we become good friends. we just normal human beeing ; lupakan pangkat atau kedudukan buat seketika.

abanglong ada ramai kawan yang asalnya adalah customer customer and sekarang ni, jadi kawan karib.

and when they become your friends and they satisfy with your service/business.. its an automatic CNN … promosi tanpa had dan tanpa bayaran…

thats the beauty side of business…. we make more friends.

careful though – those CNN kind of things will also applies to negative/bad reputation and/or service

so bila ada sifat hormat, akan timbul kepercayaan, and bila dah ada kepercayaan; kerja akan bertambah senang. they know that i would not hampakan they all if they award me any projects, and i know that i could deliver what they need. honesty is the most important things here. if rasa takboleh, awal awal lagi cakap tak boleh. if rasa tak tau, awal awal declare tak tau. and if rasa tak mampu siap on time – pegi tadah kepala awal awal.

they will respect your sincerity tu.

—to be continued-


6 Responses to “customers – unwritten code of ethics”

  1. like this entry true and yet so annoying sometimes

  2. ye true..


    * citer boss kepala angin tak nak buat ke abg long?

    • abanglong Says:

      putu – correct correct…. muahahahahha….
      bos kapla hangin ? hermmmm gud idea. nnt abanglong pikir pikirkan

  3. banyak nya petua. ..

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