myth buster -abanglong style

i’ve heard from various sources….

kalau u drive kat hiway; speed limit 110km/h . you can drive around 120 km/h sebab polis bagi some ‘kelonggaran’ between that 10 km/h difference.

kata mereka mereka itu – kalau bawak lebih 110 as long as jangan lebih dari 120 km/h u tak akan kena saman. polis bagi markah kesian kata mereka.

betul ka ?

source from a well known automaker -as for the speedometer – they actually configured it show about 5-6% faster than actuall speed.

membawa maksud – meter kereta anda di calibrate supaya menunjukkan kelajuan yang lebih tinggi daripada kelajuan sebenar kereta anda. its for obvious reason – safety and laws

i was a bit curios and decide to test its kesahihan.

as the gps navigator is almost 99% accurate; i use it as a benchmark. my lion has all four brand new tyres so it should show pretty accurate speed.

so; drive at certain speed – tengok meter and tengok screen navigator – mental noted

i tried and snap some pics

sp2 this is normal cruising speed kat hiways

140 km/h

singa tua ini masih gagah tau!


the navigator; capturing data from satellite registers my speed at about

129 km/h

i tried it at various speed and the results semuanya shows that our actuall speed (data from the navigator) is actually slower than speed showed by the meter/speedometer

i will try to get data using my other cars. and will update here…

* note – speed kills. ingatlah orang yang tersayang !


9 Responses to “myth buster -abanglong style”

  1. speed kills, kill speed – brought to you by jpj, jkjr, miros and the letter E

  2. singa tua yg gagah tu siaper ke aper?..ngeh ngeh ngeh ngeh

  3. Ingatlah orang tersayang? Mana bley ingat selalu time drive, nanti jadi lain u…..hehehe….

    btw, sapa singa tua tu ek? hehehe…

  4. sesame street kata gitu 🙂

  5. Wizard Gadget
    The Garmin Nuvi 200 is even better with the 4.3 widescreen. This is the third portable Garmin I’ve owned, and all have been great, with the newest one even better, with out of the box usability, quick 1 minute setup, and good customization options. (Route choice/languages/hwy vs. tollways, etc) Battery life is very good at about 3.5 hours with a freshly charged one, and unlimited with 12v power of course. This model works great with a friction mount (a $35 option) Forget the suction cups…they fade and warp after about 6 months and auto thieves are always looking for those tell-tale suction cup marks to break in. The Garmins come with a nice security feature that looks out the functions at power off. You input a code on power on and use it normally then. But if stolen, the thief has a useless gadget! You don’t have to use the security feature but I highly recommend it. About the only flaw with the Garmin is the long satellite lock on time. Sometimes it gets the satellites in 15-30 seconds, but it can just as easily take 2-3 minutes sometimes! It does have a very strong lock on once it gets the satellites though…I’ve never lost a signal on the road with it.

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