she fcuk me!!!

was driving along uniten.. towards bangi

approaching cimb training ctr

when suddenly a white kancil crossed my lane

appeared from nowhere

straight into the main road

slammed my brake and i honk

and swayed to right

i passed the car

i looked at the driver

female…young..long hair.fair.


as she looked at me..

she raised her middle finger!

damn !!!!


4 Responses to “she fcuk me!!!”

  1. uwaa….apa pasat dia buat itu macam…sungguh x sopan…huhu

  2. dia geram kat u tu ady…hehehe

  3. u shud make the ‘V’ sign to her.. baru lah fair n square.. lalala.. :p

  4. hi.blogwalking.

    lelaki n perempuan skang same, masing2 blumbe nk jd gangster jalanraya.

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