job offer

Alhamdulillah dan syukur sangat sangat atas rezeki yang dikurniakanNya, as the company is dapat’ing’ more and more business. we’re expanding and its a bit more than my expectations.thanks atas doa tuan tuan dan puan puan serta cik cik semua yer!!

quite tense lately as works mounts. most of the time doing the designs and also need to attend meetings/briefing/discussions/site visit/presentations and all those things. office loads also makin banyak. quotations,invoices,delivery order and bla bla bla..banyak yang tertangguh.

sungguh… masa mmg tak cukup.dah many many days tido around 4-5 am and by 8am dah ada kat office.

i need to employ more staff. i need staffs to take care of the office.i need marketing peoples, i need designers and i also need machinist…one of my close fren, suggested that i promote it kat a few sites dalam net. i took her advice and post the add into the cyber world.

quite impressive and the response was cepat


some of the applications make me smile. kelakar…

ada yang mintak gaji rm2500 utk post kerani. i dont know market kat luar.. tapi kalau dulu if i was offered rm2500 utk post kerani… hermmmmmmm !!

sorry… abanglong tak mampu nak bayar that much for my kerani. i dont want yang dah terlalu banyak experience. fresh lagi better. senang sikit nak ajar and nak didik…. furthermore; i cant spent and spent and spent awal awal ni.

ada gak yang tak letak expected salary. mungkin they will accept gaji empat ringgit sehari kot.

ada gak yang attached segala sijil dari zaman sekolah rendah sampai tamat universiti… sib baik tak attached sijil tadika bersama bil api dan air….

actually, abanglong tak pentingkan sijil sijil tu sumer. the most important thing that i will consider is whether they boleh buat kerja or not.i nak orang yg commited. tak tau buat boleh ajar.. tapi kalau tak mau buat…

work hard play hard !

masa kerja kita kerja, masa happy kita happy. tak perlu takut kat boss, tapi respect. itu yg penting.

yang english lintang pukang tu; standard la kan. nice try.. tapi kalau boleh; untuk job applications ni, mintak tolong la ngan kawan kawan yang terrer sikit. ini first impression… tulis language proficiency untuk english is 8/10 tapi bila tulis macam budak sekolah rendah..problem la sikit.

i’m not really particular pasal english, cuma abanglong assume that the same cover letter and the same resume is sent to many other companies… what would they said about locals ??

ada yang bagi email add.. bila i reply, bounce – no such user. ayyooo… if really takde account yahoo/gmail whatsoever, jangan la isi email add kat form tu.

ada yg attached gambar macam nak apply to modelling agency. ishhh… mau maklong berkampung kat sebelah my meja if i employ that girl hahaha.

but ada jugak, yang attached gambar macam baru lepas gaduh ngan tokeh ikan pasar malam. muka siyes giler. sorry… abanglong nak office yg suasana ceria. dont blame me.. first impression tu penting.

macam macam.

i wonder those HR peoples who faced hundreds of resume each day… huhu..

a few of shortlisted candidates; i gave them a call.nak arrange interview mostly is either working with other companies or still menganggur.bila i mention to those yang bekerja tu that i will meet them after office hours at any mamak or kopitiams… some were puzzled…

i told them; i dont want to susahkan they all. no need to amik cuti or MC just to attend my interview. actually tense tau nak attend interviews ni. so if i met them over teh tarik, things would be much ease and most prob they would be themselves.

yang apply for machinist, they need to come to our factory and i nak tengok hasil kerja they all.cakap misti sama dengan bikin. if they can do well, the gaji will be rewarded accordingly.

orang cakap – if kita mudahkan kerja orang lain; Allah akan senangkan kerja kita!

hopefully, these things would settle soon and those yg percaya kepada abanglong and nak bekerja bersama me, they could start by nov/dec. hopefully.

doakan abanglong ya!








5 Responses to “job offer”

  1. hmmm lama dah x g interview.. kalau kena interview semula cam payah je dapat kerja ..hehehhe

  2. semoga kejer-kejer abglong dipermudahkan…and all the very best to you!

  3. Datuk…nak apply bley?

  4. abanglong.. goodluck finding good staffs!! will always pray for your success!! anyway suka gila baca entry macham ne from abanglong. kipidap! kipidap! *huhu english apakah?* (^_^)v
    p/s:- abanglong, entry tentang ella pajilla pon best jugak.. XD

  5. lepasgeram Says:

    good tips. thanks

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