singa mogok

sleep late last nite.

petang met a client (whoa… sunday oso need to meet client seh!) over a tea tarik at mamak nearby. we discussed a win win situation kind of deal… more about that later.

then the kids asked chicken chop for dinner.the abang nak lamb chop.

bawak them and tapaued everything

turns out that the lamb chop is not eatable

busuk daging dia

hantar balik to the kedai and tukar to chicken chop –

design the vacum system for soni.. after csi marathon

and pagi ni

dah pakai smart smart… turns the key and she refused to roar.

knock knock only

i know, her starter motor gone kaput already.


how ?

at home.. now.

tensi tensi


peace papa kata ella pajilla – boleh ajar ella nyanyi tanya sama pokok….

its her song for her tadika concert… huhu

maklong bawak the city and the toyota is with my sis who attends a course in PD. my ‘blue bmw’ is in the office.. 😦


ten years old car… what do u expect rite.

bila jadi camni… mula la berangan…..







hermmmm….. merah kaaa itam kaaaa ????


6 Responses to “singa mogok”

  1. i vote for the black one 🙂

  2. neither as the car jerks and gear box will b a problem u have to handle later on… Admittedly I do not own one but I do know those I mentioned will be a problem…

    Btw, red is lovely… ha ha

    • abanglong Says:

      myra – hermmmm….. might b oso. tapi my frens xc90 pun brokedown… gearbox kong. mechanical stuffs… prone to fail. though i rarely dengar current models lions ni have the gbox problem

  3. i vote RED!! merah itu HOT! wahaha..
    tak kesah la kereta apa, asalkan RED..
    ouh, hi ella.. comelnya.. v(^.^)v

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