Gadgets – HTC TouchPro 2

in my previous entry, i did mention that i love gadgets.

and i did write how i will dok diam diam with those gadgets


very unsangkarable

out of the blue




waaah i suka

very very the soooka

still sengeh till today neh



its a present



basically its full power packed with bits and extra’s u would want in one single phone. wifi,gps,3.5G Hsdpa,touch screen,slide keyboard,3G…. and the list goes on and on

software wise powered by windows mobile 6.1 .. cool

(will be upgrading to WM 6.5 soon; once got the time to go to pyramid)




Voice Technology GSM 850/ GSM 900/ GSM 1800/ GSM 1900 / WCDMA 900 / WCDMA 2100
Location-based Services GPS
Downloadable Applications Format Windows Mobile
PDA/Palmtop Phone 3.6
Operating System Windows Mobile
Processor Qualcomm� MSM7200A
Sound Quality FR, AMR-WB, NB

Built-in Speakerphone
Push-to-Talk/Contact direct
Video Conference
Voice Dialing

Phone Book Entries Shared memory
Internal Memory 288MB
Memory Expansion Format MicroSD
Color Display / LCD Screen (Color mode: 65,536)
3D Graphic engine
Main LCD Screen Technology TFT
LCD Screen Resolution (pixels) 800 x 480
LCD Screen Size (inches) 3.6

Free Custom Ringtones


Bluetooth Version 2.1

Bluetooth Profiles supported A2DP, HSP

Web Browser Opera Mobile

Included Games
File Formats 3G2, M4V, WMV, AAC+, eAAC+, 3GP, M4A, MIDI, MP3, WMA

Camera (and resolution) 3.2-megapixel
Camera Options Auto-focus, Crop
Video Formats ASF, M4V, AMR, AAC, WMV, MP4, 3GP, 3G2

Music eAAC+, MP4, AMR, WMA, WAV, AMR-NB, M4A, MP3

StereoA2DP Stereo Bluetooth

Full keyboard QWERTY
Picture messaging
Voice Memo/Sound Recorder
Stand-by Time 500 hours
Talk Time 510 minutes
Battery Lithium
Battery Power 1500 mAh


RF Off/Airplane Mode
Included Accessories Stereo Hands-Free Headset, USB Cable, Carrying Case
Languages Supported English
Special features G-Sensor, Internal antenna, Noise-cancelling dual microphones and speakers

. The Touch Pro2 is probably one of the sexiest Windows Mobile devices we’ve ever seen. Rounded edges, chrome bezel, huge screen, minimalistic buttons — all great things. What’s even more exciting, however, is that the design is completely functional. There’s not one single thing the designers did that gets in the way of real usability and let’s face it, this device is really the high-end corporate user’s dream device, so there shouldn’t be any complaints in this department.

HTC has excelled at making Windows Mobile a more-usable platform. What in the hell would the world look like without it? What’s more interesting with the latest version of TouchFLO is the messaging integration. In addition to having phone calling, you’ve now got access to your entire communication history with all of your contacts. Once you click on a specific contact, you’re able to see all the recent calls, all recent emails, all recent text messages, and even Facebook updates all in a neat and clean interface. It’s rather remarkable.

Integration of these features isn’t just skin deep either — you can even click on a contact’s thumbnail image in an email and start a conference call that way as an example. Really cool stuff that’s incredibly useful.

above specs/comments  is taken from the Net.

most important – since its window based – it kawan with my notebook and wif my HP pda. so i can sync all my contact details, appointments,calendar,files etc to n fro the phone. sangat membantu.

it also got one superb application that really cool. use the camera, snap the peoples name card (which i collect hundreds over the years) then the phone will convert and export the data to the phone contact list. all those nama, alamat,company name, email, address and bla bla need to type type lagi dah. then using the built in google maps and/or garmin – select that person name, click few buttons and viola… the phone will guide u turn by turn till u sampai the persons office…. sangaaat suuuka.

can check my emails… outlook,streamyx and also the gmails. built in mini opera and internet explorer  to baca/write blogs muahahaha. fesbuk oso have…

weather function that grabs weather forecasts from the net and display to the phone. meaning that if tomorrow u ada appointment in PJ, if PJ will hujan, it will mention to u that it might rains in PJ…. cool

musics and videos… excellent screen. 8gb memory card.. can store 2 dvd tu hehehe.

though its 3.2 mega camera.. it captures nice shot. autofocus somemore. amazing macro shots for a phone camera. me give sample seh

macro shot – impressive for a 3.2m handphone lens

though it lack of LED flash

speaker phone is another hit. just put the phone face down, it will turn on the speaker phone. dual speaker dual mic… very clear.

all in all….saaaaangaaaat sooookaaaa !

thank u love.

more snapshot from the net

some tiny flaws

– it might had something to do with celcom though. no service on last saturday evening.. i hope its celcom problem.

– the battery needs to recharge every two days lebih kurang. but the plus point is it boleh tap power from notebook usb port and oso in my car charger. same charger as the HP GPS navigator

– earphone/speaker kena connect via usb port. will problem if need to connect other earphone/speakers


am lovin it.

thank you love.


18 Responses to “Gadgets – HTC TouchPro 2”

  1. hehe..buat sakit ati je tengok….. pakai nokia 3sekupang je ni
    Boleh message je….tapi sampai sekarang ok….lol…esok nak beli le satu..

  2. Ive been reading your articles for a while now, this has to be by far the best. Keep up the good work.

  3. aduhh aduhhh tempting yg amattt tgk phone nih! ishhh

  4. emmm… look like N97 ek….

  5. Hey Abanglong nice gadget….
    saya bekas pengguna HTC but now come back to nokia.
    Just sold my HTC Touch Pro….

    Nokia feel better than HTC la i think..jangan marah erk…

    Nak upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.5 tak payah g jauh2 studi kat dalam web nih

    Register, Browse Forum, Studi and last DIY..eheheh

    okeh good luck bos!!!

    • azrieka – thanks for the link. dah lama jadi member actually 🙂

      nokia, no doubt is a very good n user friendly. but toooooooo many nokians la. sama gak ngan iPhone n BB.. its the IN things now.

      biar lain dari yang lain sikit… zaman dah berubah… hahahaha

      • Yer la too many nokians and im the one among them….

        Zaman dah berubah tapi orang asyik pakai Intel….why not change to Mac ke n windows change to solaris ke Linux and so on ehehehe…

        anyway nice gadget n please turn back to nokia and be a part of nokians….ehehehhe

        Im using XM5800 got gps,wifi enough fo me…..

        thanks for reply bos!!

      • planemodel – hehehe… as i said, nokia mmg gud phone. its just that dah too common 🙂

        one of my client, the pak arab using that xm5800.. that day he belagak me wif one nokia application that he installed. tak ingat apa nama software but it grab the ITIS data and display on the screen. basically you log in into the web and choose which jalan u nak tengok.. than the traffic monitoring camera will stream live video feed to yr hp

        cool !

  6. Walau apa pun dugaang dan rintangang..cinta dan kasihku tetap pd kak nokia..h,.

  7. The Samsung 50 Inch HDMI is one of the hottest gifts this Christmas, they’re selling out fast.

  8. ibu – uiks… hehehehehe. sihat walafiaaaat 🙂

  9. Margaretta Rho Says:

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  11. wii consoles Says:

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