self service – i’m learning fast

yesterday spent the evening at two clients place in bangi. masa dok kat kilang tv tu they asked me to study an upgrade their electrical supply for the pallet that power up the tv sets.

so dok terbongkok bongkok kat conveyor….

nampak laaa kepala lutut operator huhuhuhu.

then kena pegi they all punya warehouse. study the pallet.

punya la berdebu




i said to myself…. dah… sure kena ni.



true enuf.

malam the tekak feel perit giler

tengahmalam terjaga

minum lots of air suam

telan synflex






kalau dulu; i’ll demam teruk for a day.takleh bangun.all joints rasa sakit.



but now; dah terbiasa sangat dah ngan tonsil ni.

– telan synflex. insyaAllah ok.


ingat today takmo datang ofis



those were things inside the coming lcd tvs

need to do some  stuff to those boards

and kena siap by sabtu as the bosses from japan will come to check it at my premise.




i need sex


6 Responses to “self service – i’m learning fast”

  1. keciaaannn…so dah baik dah tonsil ? ngehngehngeh

  2. Gi buang ajer…klu kerap sangat dapat tonsil pon x elok…

  3. dtg bangi .naper tak bagitau…

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