because i’m the boss

thats the phrase that most of us used to hear and one of the most hated phrase u get from the bosses !



i’m a bit lucky. Alhamdulillah.

i dont have to answer to any boss.



i’d like to share; what a boss wants from his peoples…

(though the company small small only, but u might get some ideas what the boss wants from u)

basically – these are what i look at the staffs…

learn to say NO.

be honest. if u cant do the task given. say no in a polite way. its much much much much more better than u screwed it just because you dont know how to do it, yet you still doing it. i’ll respect your honesty more than your i can do everything attitude.


not everything must be done by the book la. sometimes there are ways to do things faster or more economical. and there might be other alternative to any arising problems… that creativity, will eventually proof  how smart u are !

LOYALTY please.

to me, the company is like a boat.i’m the captain and you were all the kelasi,nakhoda etc etc etc. and we all know, kita will harung the nasty sea. ada ombak besar and ombak kecik. ada tenang and ada gelora.

tidak bermaksud bila jadi captain… tidak akan terlambung dek ombak. and bila kelasi biasa… mana mungkin huyung hayang bila air tenang…

ada paham ?

means that… kita satu kapal. kapten ka, kelasi ka,kuli ka khadam ka apa ka… satu kapal jugak

kapal lalu ombak, ombak kasi hantam itu kapal… suma mabuk juga… kapten ka,klasi ka,kuli ka,khadam ka….

kapal lalu itu tenang punya air… khadam ka,kuli ka,klasi ka, kapten ka…sumer tadak goyang tadak mabuk tadak pening kapla…. sumer happy sama sama jugak…

membawa maksud… kita mesti bersama dalam apa jua keadaan company.

dah… klu tak paham lagi… bertaubat!


in other words dont be the missing link. information floats.dont let it sink because of u.dont hold any info coz it might backfire u in a big big big way.u got anything, related to business or me- let me know first hand ! u can call, sms, email and bla bla bla ! i can accept negative info if u know how to convey it!

ishhh geliat jari la type bahso java ni…


after all, u’ll answer to the same God as mine. Do those tasks properly. I might not be able to monitor every single step of u ( damn.. i really hate to monitor people… banyak lagi keja lain aku kena buat) i dont mind u snake snake a bit, i oso do the same dulu dulu. just make sure the job is done on time and most important, u didnt get caught!

Respect OUR company

i use the word OUR coz if u were in the company, means that u love the company. if u hate or mencik ini company, then………sendiri mau ingat la. apa mau tunggu lagi rite. after all, this is where or in more harsh word… tempat kau cari rezeki. so please, dont shit around about the company. trust me… those sok sek sok sek… even it doesnt sampai to the boss, God knows and it’ll direct relate to your rezqi… ie salary. trust me! mix around with the whole other guys in the company… after all, we are all in one big family rite. and respect other people even u were the highest rank… remember the snake and roots story..

still got lot more minor minor things..

and yes, different boss got different way of thinking.




apa yang baik, dari Allah. apa yang tak baik… itu kelemahan abanglong.









dari boss kecik yg still tak tidor at almost 3 am.


12 Responses to “because i’m the boss”

  1. ayuaisara Says:

    bosses expect staff to be professional boss always remind me..learn to expect what bosses expect from you..always have to be one step ahead..and if do the wrong things always take responsibility and accountabilty..selalu ingat benda nih..but we human tend to make mistakes sometimes:)

  2. okkeyy boss, paham dah..nak bertaubat lar ni hehehe kiddingggg so snake lite-lite can rite..yeahh u’re the boss! hehe

  3. lawa spek boss tu….hehe

  4. Bos memang bossy….haks…makan gaji gak kat sini…bila la nak jadik bos…

  5. lawa spek abe longgg…..

  6. Zaidaniza Says:

    Hi Boss. thank you share your opinion n the way your thinking for me to read. I will make sure i try my best to do my job weli done in the best way in my life n will try not to say no if the task is given to me..

    take care n i really like what have u wrote in this topic.

  7. Zaidaniza Says:

    Hi Boss, Thank you share you thinking in this topic. I will try my best to do my job in best way in my life. I will try my best no to say no if the task will be given to me from my boss in the future.

    Mmmm take care n good luck!

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