alive n freshen

just came back from the airport. the tony’s flight today not delayed even one minute. the reason – on board was one of their top gun !

manage to exchange business card with the top gun at the airport prior to departure. he was one of dad close fren…

sekarang gua mau guna kroni kroni dan guni guni !!! business kena use all the available sources rite!!!

back to the office

a lot of things to be done.

after prayers, i’ll be presenting our concept ideas for the coming project for one of our major client.

called vision inspection system.

will be using C programming

together with camera

the system will identify and detect any errors.


for the current application – it will replace manpower to check errors for their product

in this case; printed circuit boards

our system will manage to check irregularities of the board, missing parts, allignment problem, unfinished process etc

the system also can be configured to detect other things for other applications.

its unlimited.

for bakeries – it can check whether the icing is placed at the correct place

for libraries – it can detect the books arranged according to the author

for publishers – it can check your spellings !

for cars manufacturing – it can check whether all the screws are properly fastened

for medical line – it can differentiate the color of pills, the correct amount given and can be linked to the stock control system. to auto order if the specific medication is low in stocks

(it however still kenot baca tulisan doktor though….. )

etc etc etc






doakan moga abanglong manage to convince them to use our system for their production lines

i love u all.


2 Responses to “alive n freshen”

  1. terbaekk boss…jangan lupe pattern kan system tuh… 😉 can make money dr situ 😉

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