saturday – 3410

at work..alone in office.




hot steamy sex coffee keeps me alive.



super nice lunch

well worth money spent




meeting the clients..

adjourned to the mamaks



till almost 9 pm.



on other notes

my design engineer had resigned !

now i’d have to cover all the designs again…


one confirmed job from the bio meds.

next week need to send few proposals…

– 3 robot designs for a uni… (more info –  –

– tape disposal system – this one need to design a machine that can dispose those cellotapes….. but their budgets is super ciputss

– fnger push system…. bunyi macam finger licking good.. huhuhu. actually a device to simulate human finger to push/operate the buttons for one electronic device… interesting one !

————doa kan abanglong my frens….


all these while

i provide the drawing sketch/ideas and the engineer redesigned and do all the maths

and the company pays him many thousands monthly.

now aku yang had to do all those jobs…

awatttt gaji aku company tak tambah that many thousands tu ek?????





1 37 am




oh yer….


a new acquired hobby to ease the mind…..


6 Responses to “saturday – 3410”

  1. wawawawawa…best!!!best!!leh geng!!!heheheh

  2. Best of luck in finding new staff…Chaiyokkkk

  3. ayuaisara Says:

    kena lah cepat2 test power on da new acquired hobby tu..hehe

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