business – the shah alam meeting

planned and set the appointment last week

an electronic giant

to promote and introduce our latest baby

a camera system that can detect any error

that can replace manpower

reduce cost

with  a return of investment within few months.

(the system is approved and will be used by another giant in Bangi, soon. Insyaallah)

designed and completed in da house.




almost an hour waiting



the meeting


yada yada yada….



he said..

i’m not interested in these

i dont want your system



he dont want to invest in those kind of systems.




he challenged…

if u can design a motion detection system

that can  detect any  irregular movements

of their production operator

to ensure that they do things

as instructed.




and he wants it low in price.



its raining in Shah Alam

on our way back.


2 Responses to “business – the shah alam meeting”

  1. serinditrimba Says:

    boleh eh buat macam tu?

  2. Katie Tam Says:

    The gap between black market dollar/dong rates and
    interbank rates — a key gauge of pressure on the currency.

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