sime darby losses… self explained.

NST today front page…..





few pages inside…..



management apprenticeship..

no experience needed….



shall i say more ?


11 Responses to “sime darby losses… self explained.”

  1. Desert Rose Says:

    What a shame…

  2. ermmm…how should i say this, it is a shame for sime darby for the losses. some how i think it’s not a ONE man decision on this big losses project but ONE man should get out from the giant organization.
    When i first saw the Management Apprentice (MAP) advertisement, i did have the same thought as you are…unexperienced management!
    BUT MAP IS FOR THE UNEMPLOYED GRADUATES, and Sime Darby top management is not fresh ‘”graduaters” i shall say.
    for me, MAP is a suck programme because it’s not a job gurantee and they will terminate u after 12 months of job training.
    ibarat ” saje suke2 buang duit bayar mahal2 kt jobstreet dah train bg pandai pastu buang je macam hampas!”

    • abanglong Says:

      bunga – ermmm. we all dont know what really happens, its just gilerrr banyak tu loss. bagi to my co 1% puuun dah cukup banyaaak tu.

      anyhow, the MAP mmg really for those looking for jobs (we’re seeking for new staffs…hehehe) but they print the add on the same day… to yang buat ‘somethin fishy’ tu…..


      – still tak mampu nak beli 320i from the sime subs…. hahahaha

  3. ayuaisara Says:

    Most mnc will have this type of incentive fr government, like tax relief on da expenses etc.not so sure abt this though.

  4. abanglong – im a soon-to-leave sime darby (huhuhuhu). But MAP to mmg sengal! Tax deduction konon!

  5. ahhhh nk cut cost lah tu…. 1500 /month.. kedeks

  6. MAP is for unemployed graduates, and no experience is needed, to match the payment. those who give the best will stay in the company. i’d say it works, especially to those who seeks working environment in real working environment. they have to work hard, or else they will go nowhere.

    the CEO was requested to leave, because he was the one who decided everything for the company. though many people worked for the same thing, and it took a whole meeting members to make a decision, the decision approval is only the top man himself.

    • abanglong Says:

      aishah – yup betul… klu kat jepun, musti lama dah kamikaze rite klu rugi billion billion neh

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