civic 2.0 ivtec…. test drive

a fren of mine exchange his car with mine for a few days…

a few months old civic

(a type of car that i owned many years back… really nice car – maroon colored)

i’ve tested the 1.8 litre version during HMSB initial launch of the model. It was a bit forgetful coz the car was quite wavy for my liking. too light and much understeer.

the big brother however give a different punch

maybe with the different spring setups – speed tuned. the ride is more steady with a little bit harsh. understood for the ‘racing’ genes induced.

the so called ‘pickup’ was great. managed to get 0-120 kmh in just a few seconds and in a short strecth. the car feels more ‘heavier’ than the previos version.. (err my weight is negligible though!)

most of us would amazed with the funky designs of the dashboard. me included. the speedo was easy on the eye and other gauges was put as where it should. though the blue color for me is a tad odd.

i’d love to have onboard display computer though…..

those from toyota had that. cool feature i must say yet sadly the honda engineers decide not to include in  the package.

in dash 6 cd/mp3 changer with superb sound system will keep u smiling. though the bass is a bit low…

odd looking hand brake that could take some times to familiarized.

F1 DNA on da house – gear shifting made easy with the + and – shifter on the wheel. useful for the ah bengs who wants to rempits…

– useful when overtaking those sluggish road hogger !!!

two tone leather – boost the ‘spacious’ look

– note – the leather used is ball friendly.

(cepat sejuk….wont cook your telur even parked under the blazing sun… unlike the leather used in the pohtongs)

they have side air bags for the front seats… i dont test that airbags… so it function or not me dont know !

led tail light… a bit on a big size rite…

i dont know, almost all japanese cars got big tail light… sometimes macam tak blend with the front designs….. hehehe

– miura san… if u read this… hahaha. i told u so!!!!

all in all… though with 17 inch rubber, honda modulo package and almost 130k poorer;

i’ll take the 407.


4 Responses to “civic 2.0 ivtec…. test drive”

  1. ne promote kereta ke iphone??
    ciss! :p

  2. pernah ada orang tanya; “best tak echah bawak gen2?”

    saya jawab; “best la. kete ni je pun yang echah pernah drive..” huhu..

    tapi saya pernah drive swift. hmmm. ringan sangat.. tak tau la model apa tapi tak best la. best lagi gen2.

  3. abanglong Says:

    aishah – yes. gen2 pun best of it class 🙂

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