2010 world cup

  • me no feet ball – me love ikea meat balls more
  • me no watch ball matches – me no like
  • me no go watch big screens – me stays home

selamat bersengkang mata friends !


10 Responses to “2010 world cup”

  1. tido lagi best. ngehahahahahaa XD

  2. me no feet ball too…me shopping feet hehehe

    happy monday abglong, have a great day ahead!

  3. bagus! syabas! 10 markah utk abang long

  4. ayuaisara Says:

    Me no interest in piala cawan nih.setakat nak tau result on the next day jelah

  5. me too….no feet ball…..tapi 2 hari lps tetiba ball masuk lam pinggan nasik….my hero…

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