midnight shoots

it was drizzling when i went out that night

slippery when wet


plan to shoot the flora n fauna is aborted

taknak basah sorang sorang malam malam




plan B – to go to KLIA

then pikir balik

apa kejadah gi KLIA kol 1 pagi haha


these are some of the shots from that night…

if cantik – the nikon is superb

if not… the photographer need to practice more 🙂

i personally love this shot

manual focus on the reflector

the autofocus bit crazy due to low lighting

and the horizon vision is nice (at least to my eyes hehe)

tripod used

low shutter speed to capture the light trail

location –  arc, exit to Nilai toll.

pit stop – neslo ice

having trouble to get the shot of the ice

due to distortions from neon lights of the warong

white balance pening





monday –  presentation to those japanese

wish me luck


4 Responses to “midnight shoots”

  1. wow…gambar first tu mmg cantik betul..

  2. ayuaisara Says:

    Nice job! Tak sia2 ler shooting tgh mlm

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