abanglong wented to a remote eco resort for a course

its about business..

from the Islamic point of view.

moral of the course

– Prophet Muhammad SAW is the best business icon…..



i brought the D5000

for now on

i’ve decided to upload higher resolution pics

so… a very very sorry to those with slow internet connection…

me too haha

took me ages to upload.


should any of u need to use any of the pic for any purpose

mail me

i’m more than happy to send u the copies.

most of the shots were taken very early in the morning

the resort was dalam hutan hoho

but tak banyak scenery menarik

very sorry 🙂

so called the sungai

me berendam for almost an hour

kecut segala benda


about the same spot

slow shutter mode

to get the ‘flow’ of the water

slow shutter with large ap… hancuss

need to use ND filter – said pakcik google

my personal favorite…

to me; its a perfect blend of color

though some noise at the edges of the bunga





stay tuned…. more to come.

ni pun dekat sejam upload.. hahaha



8 Responses to “one”

  1. cantiknya gambar……….da pro dah ni..

    • abanglong Says:

      pB – thanks… cantikkkkk gambar2 kat situ.dah visit dan dah tinggal jejak 🙂 salam kat cik abey. nnt boleh abanglong menuntut dgn dia 🙂

  2. cantik rumah baru abanglong ni..

    by the way.. nice shot le abang long…berbaloi-baloi beli kamera baru tu…

  3. i noe….d purple 1 is pucuk jering…….rite?????…..

    • abanglong Says:

      lady – harap maap…. sabjek botani abamlom fail… tak masuk kelas masa cikgu ajor dulu.sakit perut masa tu.

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