business as usual

long time tidak berceloteh about business.


business is so slow lately. blame it to the world cup ?

i’ve had many projects to design and to came up with concept operations. done this did that… quotations submit.. but all diam huhu.


spent many sleepless nights to complete the request from the clients… an automation project. concepts submitted.designs completed and costs is justified. but oso diam. 🙂



i’ve blogged about one new clients who said that my pricing was way too low.

well, i’ve revised and add some more numbers to the quotations.

yet they said too low.

though i’ve told them, we’ve made profits out of that.


the PO from them never materialized till today

hohoho… tak dapat la tuuu.



today, one educational institution/IPTA came to the office to verify the project we’ve completed for them. during the early meetings, they proposed to use a certain type of pressure cylinders. and i’ve politely opposed the idea; i’ve presented the data, the engineering facts and so on….my point of view was.. the cylinders were really not suitable for the job..

the supervisor was one guy entitled Professor.

he said.. go ahead. i’ve done the research about it.

well… customer alwas rite..

gua ikut jer lah.

dia kan propessorrrrrrrrrrrrr……..

lagipun, univeristi dia yang akan bayor !



and today

after days of installation, calibration and lots lots and lots of prayers….

they came in two cars

bringing their test subjects

to ensure, my machine,my design… functions as dreamed.

bwahahahaha the things all when haywire

the machine penyek’ed’ their stuffs


told u so Dr !  – dalam hati aku laaaa




conclusion ?

-i’ve to redesign those things… have to use my old idea of the pressure cylinder.

can be done told me to them



the problem is

invoice tu bila nak sign weh ???




demmmmmmmmn !


6 Responses to “business as usual”

  1. hanani.rapani Says:

    to be frank.. saya lebih suka dengar abg long berceloteh drp simply send 1-2 pics then senyap… heheheheh… lain org lain preference kan??…

  2. Golddiamond Says:

    abanglong, kalau dah rezeki kita apa pun yang berlaku tetap rezeki kita.. usaha, doa, tawakkal.. jangan berhenti buat semua tu.. ceh!! cam cakap untuk diri sendiri le pulak rasanya…

  3. ada yg akan masuk tu nanti abglong, good ones. have faith yea..

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