quickie – an update

  1. i lost my glasses again – sheezzzzzz
  2. full occupied with the designs – arghhhhhh
  3. my celcom line is barred again – hohoho
  4. very very limited time to access the net… so sorry.
  5. luv u all 🙂

4 Responses to “quickie – an update”

  1. 1. pakai contact lens je lah abanglong >.<
    2. good luck on that!
    3. hohohohoho


    • abanglong Says:

      khairie – hohoho… nak pakai contact tu yg sangat leceh.lagipun, mata estighmatism…. payah nak cari lense.

  2. tak rasa nak pakai tali yang macam makcik-makcik pakcik-pakcik tu…
    sangkut kat leher….

    • abanglong Says:

      crystal – hahahaha…. sungguh klasik.
      tapi tu lah, dah how many pairs dah yang telah tekorban tu haha

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