tapei di tupai

was invited for a buka puasa buffet

loc : restoran tupai tupai, bangi. a brand new restaurant. the mother co was in kl, near the istana negara…

braved the rainy bangi jammed traffic.

hoho.. very the lucky i didnt drive the bmw… no aircon leh that car !

so jamned… shoot here and there just to kill the time

the sun still ada … haha still kenot buka buka.

dual lot double storey.

big big oo.. with ample parking space

gps ? i forgetted… sorry

from ukm, just after the ukm komuter junction. its on the right side, near chevrolet showroom.

signature ashtray… next time aku nak bawak beg besar sikit mai sini… ahahahahaha

stimboat buffet… what else !

sendiri masak leh

huge selections of foods

from the haiwan to the greens

sotong balls,meat balls, all balls oso got

green mee,fat mee,kurus mee,short mee,curly mee all have

oso got the nasi nasi table – which i didnt take

oso got the salads

oso got the kambin – though not the golek golek one

spageti, roti and many more



many type of drinks

and icecream too

very the okeh for the RM38 price tag. (normal rate without the nasi and the gang is rm25)

trying reflection on the pan

not good – poor lighting and flash not fired.



the star of the day…

finally my craving for tapai is answered….

though its tapai with the creamer… not the sighotapei..


in the pic was my second serving

that explains why halfway aku kembung perut…







as u read this – i’m in s alam… doing the presentation for the auto screw machine. doakan moga abanglong manage to get the job….

ermm they have free wifi

helpful staff

ample surau

clean toilet

and of u have been to the kl branch…u’ll notice the boss… ngeh ngeh

awas – cash term only.


10 Responses to “tapei di tupai”

  1. abanglong, saya sudah crave tapai ubi lah.. how?!

  2. food kat tupai2 mmg sedap…

    all the best ye abanglong!

  3. steamboat!! best best!!

    abglong sure dapat lah job tu…gerenti punyerrr! hehehe banjer steamboat kalau dapat tau! hehe

    selamat berbuka puasa abglong..

    • abanglong Says:

      e – mekasih… cumanya macam kurengg kena buka with steamboat.

      -makan nasik ngan masak lemak cili api + ikan masin + sambal belacan laaagi besttttt

  4. bro, kat mana restoren ni?

    • abanglong Says:

      keri – Kalau dari UKM menghala ke hentian kajang… lepas traffic light ktm komuter ukm hang slow…

      about 200 meter jer dari situ. belah kanan.sebelah chevrolet

  5. ala memang best pon…org yg jaga pon best jugak

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