tired is i am

  1. full swing to ensure the machine complete on time..though some crucial parts were not delivered on time by the suppliers. activate plan B
  2. thank u. so much. u know who u are and what u did to me 🙂
  3. exhaust all the available funds to cover the costs…. hell yeah its tough.
  4. most of the days… asleep only around 2 to 3 am. only to wake for sahur at 5
  5. on hold – a meeting with a new client… to design one automation system.
  6. too tired…stress level max.
  7. browse the net… damn crazy – saw the lens for then nikon,, rm29k bwahahaa
  8. am craving for maggi kari…. but stock kat umah finished…
  9. bestnya… slice the meat nipis2 and rebus.. after empuk, masuk the maggi.use the air rebusan daging as the base. slice brocolli and (aku lupa nama sayur tu… ) white color, crunchy….
  10. satu sudu chilli sauce,one sudu kicap and a bit of tomato sauce.. masuk before mee tu masak..
  11. then pecah one telur…
  12. oh yess… !

8 Responses to “tired is i am”

  1. kejer kuat yer abglong…*pat2 his back*…takper, for a better future yea insyaallah…
    rest also whenever u have the opportunity yeahh…
    aiseyyy maggi kari tu bunyi nyer sedapppp! ha ah maggi pon maggi lah, posa2 ni sumer sedap hehehe

  2. david michel Says:

    people are stupid

  3. tired is normal for human being… but i’m pretty sure that the result later on will give u big smile =)

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