zombie..shall we!

hari tu balik kol 4 pagi

settlekan the machines

alhamdulillah siap n delivered

though still need to do some minor adjustments… takpa

esok sambung….

4 30 am.. sampai umah.mandi.

kids dah bangun for sahur. me just drinks n tido

too tired n exhausted.



11 am.. following day.

tender meeting

in one electronic giant.

ding dong ding dong

few new tv models coming

and as preparation… about 130 units of fixtures must ada

fixtures is something used during productions to ensure all the electronic stuffs functions well..

and u will get the best quality pictures and sounds….



5 vendors were called

and we are the only company yang ada BIN….

most prob they will devide equally – due to time constrain.

ho ho ho… hang man !

30 units to deliver end of oct !

time satu problem…. not to mention the cost involved…

die leh!!

this is not the Bombs

its will supply dummy loads for the boards during manufacturing…..


berpinau mata nak baca balik electronic circuits…


from the above circuit diagram..

the end product is something like this…

lepas ni korang jangan komplen if LED tv mahal….

payah weh nak buat !!





doakan moga kami berjaya mendapat tender ini

dan doakan juga kami berjaya menyiapkan dalam jangkamasa yang diberikan

dan doakan moga kami tidak menghadapi SEBARANG kesulitan….



i love u all…



– roti sadin tengah malam adalah sangat sedap…..


11 Responses to “zombie..shall we!”

  1. roti sardin siang-siang pun sedap… di luar bulan puasa, di dalam bulan puasa adalah berdosa untuk kebanyakan orang

  2. bulan mulia, hari baik ne, abanglong usaha la dengan ikhlas k,
    insyaAllah akan dipermudahkan segala usaha abanglong tu,
    saya doakan abanglong dapat projek TV ne!
    *aminkan banyak-banyak*

    ps- tetiba ade hangman kat situ, jangan tension2 abanglong!! 😛

  3. hi abglong….bangun2..sahur..ku doakan agar urusan abglong dipermudahkan…

  4. bang…ada kerja kosong tak….. timokasih

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