sudah lama tak update blog

busy ?


no idea ?


not in the mood ?

partially yes


work wise – win some loose some.

still godek godek’ing the machine for the shah alam client.

tambah itu tambah ini

modify sana modify sini

stress to the max…

but.. what to do.. those things pays our bills !

layan saja

dari before raya – till today

still unsettled…. haishhhh

tak sempat nak ber open house mana mana pun !

manage to get the supplier code from a reputable japanese brand yesterday

having  a supplier code means our company is listed as one of their vendor


and Alhamdulillah….

failed to get the contract as per my previous entry

haha… wrong info

we quoted normal pricing

ada one company – undercutting

giler murah.

donno… and sorry… we cant do at that price told me to the client

its like, selling a 320i at myvi’s price

no way dude !


pretty hectic

health was at low level

tonsil,fever and flu





7 34 pm





6 Responses to “harlooo”

  1. salam…

    no mood katanya
    masih nak beraya sakan
    walopon…. poket dah buat mogok raya

  2. 7 34 pm still working..me @1:17 am awake and working..

  3. abanglong……. lamenye tak update.

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