intelectual property rights

dalam dilemma.

we designed one machine to one particular client. a machine that reduce workforce from 4 to just one person.

the mutual agreement was – provide one unit for sample and then another 13 units for next order once everything is okay.

prior to that, they asked me to sign a bundle of papers. terms and regulation for any supplier to do business with them, a well known japanese brand.

one of the terms in the agreement was – any machines,designs or whatsoever purchased by them is automatically ‘owned’ by them.

we’ve completed the machine and its working well.

i made a nett profit of about 30%

-all in, fabrications,parts,electronics,pneumatics and design costs.



the problem is…

they have engaged another supplier to evaluate and copy the machine

the supplier will submit a quotation.


and apparently, the said supplier said their price is about half of my price.

they (the client) is very very happy – cost saving…. 13 units !



the boys told me,if i could lower my price…then i might get orders…..




what should i do ?

either way – i’m at the loosing side.



8 Responses to “intelectual property rights”

  1. bubuh harga mahal for the sample units coz obviously u are at the loosing side. hik.
    nak design and fabricate bukan senang, tak tidur siang malam to get the idea and design work. tiru mmg le senang. or…if nak long term bisnes dgn derang and if compem derang order dgn u, lower kan price. maybe rugi sket, but in future u might get more job from them

    • abanglong Says:

      catz – oso in difficult situation. means if i lower the price about half.. then they will cakap….oooo kau markup giler giler aaaa !!!!!

      anyhow, doakan moga kami berjaya 🙂

  2. ayuaisara Says:

    I would say..lower the price..ganbatte kudasai

  3. abglong,
    sunggoh ker ada competitor supplier tu?

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