boss tak ulau

arini boss kerja ngan penuh dedikasi

pagi pagi meeting kat nilai
company miss effarogiey
kalau sapa follow this blog will know who she is
new engineer incharge
fresh grad
kena design heater attachment for them

then shoot to shah alam
lipat kotak final meetin
before goes to production line this monday
meet another department
to design auto av insert
nak replace operator and to reduce/avoid damage to products…
masa drive aku dok pikir camana nak buat. hoho.
then shoot to subang
friday prayers kat one of masjid there

ada entry about the mosque kat sini

lunch wif the officer

rm 14 for two person. sedap !

discussion… discussion..discussion till 4pm.



sampai office – meeting ngan partner

camana nak arrange jobs

designs banyak kena buat



7 16 pm

aku still kat office.



see… arini boss tak ulau

sila tepuk untuk incek boss.




3 Responses to “boss tak ulau”

  1. ye ler..asyik jd ulau jer..hehehe

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