G Spot – the business

came out from their premise after maghrib prayers



still smiling

a satisfied smile


Thank You Allah



the lipat kotak is succes

they place few more orders

with an increase in the price


though it means that we will have to celebrate Divali in our premise

..no cuti cuti ehhh !



what makes my day


their vietnam factory

is really interested with the machine

will place order once their accounts approve

.and their singapore guys is already begin askin questions….



G spot.. in business.



to all…. thanks for the doa…






2 Responses to “G Spot – the business”

  1. alhamdulillah. glad to hear that the project is doing well.
    may the other projects are being well as well 😀
    (ok boleh la belanja saya nasi beriyani.. hehehe.. *wahh tetibe*)

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