when no is not an option

got the offer for a slice of cake

a big cake



very big.



something new;something we never had a chance to do

though i know that we can do…

had made numerous calls

had emailed many acquaintance

had meet even the ‘enemies’



just to get more info

and just to learn from the sifu’s



-design,fabricate and supply

function tester and data writer

… one year contract.



the business partner was a bit skeptical

this is way too big – and we never did this before.. he mumbles.

the cost

the technical know how

the equipments

the accessories

the parts

the time frame

the delivery

the the the the………..



sorry bro…NO is not an option here.

at least.. we’ve TRIED… even if we failed.



to all frens

do doa for our succes

doakan moga kami berjaya.




One Response to “when no is not an option”

  1. bagu tu

    cuba dulu
    berjaya atau tak… tu kendian kira

    yg penting – usaha – cuba – dan berdoa pada Nya…
    usaha yg bersungguh
    insyaallah – hasilnya pasti yg baik juga!

    good luck bro!

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