kena pukau

we’re bringing the staff for the much awaited company trip

err ada ker words bringing ?? hehe

anyhow, sebagai tanda terima kasih; most of the staff entitled for a full paid company trip

bukan jauh pun

just bandung and jakarta

– for a few days



tengahari, ajak the partner pegi tukar duit

most blog yg i surf suggest to tukar kat sana – much more cheaper

so, before fly just tukar a few million utk cover initial expenses

4 juta rupiah which is about 1400 ++ ringgit

the money changer kira dua kali and gave it to me

together with an envelope



i put the money dalam envelope and slide dalam my jeans

we mingle around dalam the hypermarket for a while before head to the parking lot



dalam kereta, i pass the envelope to my partner

u pegang.. told me to him



sampai office

ada one client tunggu so i cepat2 turun and meet them

the partner keluar kereta

and one green satria with one couple – middle east couple

wave to him



the partner pegi

and this is the cerita yang he told me

apa yang berlaku tadi –

and apparently the arabs cakap they lost

first time in malaysia

nak cari jalan to hiway

so my partner explain to them

then the arab tanya where is the petrol pump

lagi sekali my partner explain how to get to the petronas gas station

then the arab guy keluarkan his wallet and show my partner stacks of usd notes

he cakap he tadek ringgit malaysia notes to isi minyak

asked my partner, nak tengok rupa bentuk note malaysia



my partner keluarkan his wallet and show them the rm10 note



ding dong ding dong

thank you

bye bye



they drove away



after that my partner came to my desk

and show me the envelope

only ada 2.6 million

1.4 million gone !



puas dia cuba recall

mana pegi the balance

sedangkan both of us dah confirm duit tu ada 4million masa money changer tu kasi

and all the while the money was inside the envelope and ada dalam my pocket

then i bagi the envelope to him –

then bila dia bukak kat dalam office duit tu dah tak cukup !!!



jadi CSI sekejap

  • the couple first time datang malaysia but drive a car from spore – we cant recall the number plate though
  • which looks like a wornout car – impossible a car rental would rent a car like that
  • first time to malaysia and drive – for sure they would have maps or gps !
  • drive form spore to kl – for the first time -> impossible tak tukar duit to ringgit
  • or at least – takkan tadek credit card utk isi minyak etc

so – memang sah my partner tu kena pukau

and the couple somehow manage to make my partner amik envelope and keluarkan part of the money for them

pukau i would say……

what say u ?


5 Responses to “kena pukau”

  1. iols ada baca kes yg lebih kurang macam ni…
    lupa plak kat blog mana…

    nanti kalo iols jumpa.. iols bagi link ye..

    iols pun rasa your fren tu kena pukau…

  2. last week i ada baca kisah ni, a lady forwarded e-mail to me. mmg this thing happen. and mmg org arab, the description is same, couple arab. u should lodge a police report.


    oh yea, enjoy ur trip!

  3. ish..ish.. keji betul depa ni kan..

    dah byk org kena macam ni..

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