part II – street shots.. bandung

click image for enlarged version.

takuban perahu – beware ! lots of traders… over priced !!

seniman jalanan – almost everywhere….

a pair of kid.. the red shirt carries a radio that plays a kind of tune

while the elder girl, i presume the kakak perfoms the dance….

how i wish that my kids see these live…..

moga they bersyukur atas sedikit nikmat kurniaan Tuhan.


2 Responses to “part II – street shots.. bandung”

  1. looking at those photos….had the same thot like yours….kita mmg patut bersyukur byk dgn pekerjaan yg tetap dan kehidupan yg boleh dikatakan selesa…insaf youuuu hehehe thanks..take care abanglong!!

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