boob job

lalala… title yg akan attract interest many ppl hohoho.


anyway, this is a cosmetic related entry.

that day, drove about 650 km to and fro. KL JB

bawak one of the engineer – will assign him to handle this client

an appointment

with a cosmetic product manufacturer

– giant company based in Japan.

– never heard about the company nor the industry

haha- mana aku pakai mekap seh.

apparently, my former boss while i was in SOxx retired from the SOxx

he then bought this company and became the MD

their JB factory once run by a local chinaman

they had major problems bla bla bla and the guy was sacked and replaced by japanese member




cut thing short,

he personally requested me to come over and meet the JB bosses – whom i knew from the SOxx days




this is a very new things to me

never deal with machines that produce cosmetic products

in this case – sponge yang tampal bedak kat pipi tu

they supply to almost all major brands – sishedo,mekfektor,shenel,lafloren,and many many more big brands yg aku sendiri pun tak pernah dengar

giler banyak client… and they had many more kilang all over the world.

ada yg buat face masks

ada yg buat face tissues

ada yg buat wet tissues

ada yg buat brush







what they need me to do was to design automations system for their machines

start dari raw material sampailah kepada packing


banyak kejaaaa tuuuu.




and at the same time…. kecut telor dennnn

bolehhh ker nak buat !!!!!!



took many many photo and video

but cant publish here

akta rahsia rasmi.




they also offered me side business

some of the sponge


due to defect yg mata aku sendiri pun tak nampak kat mana rejectnya

but due to very strict quality control, their client tak akan terima those kind of things


the sponge itu they jual as B grade

which aku tak nampak kat mana rejectnya…hohoho


those are few samples… ada lagi yg kaler merah, odd shapes, different thickness etc etc  – ignore the dwg behind, its the design for another client



quick check with puan isteri, she once beli the bujur sized sponge kat pasar malam. no brand no nothin RM 2.90 per piece.

gua jual 3 pcs RM5 okeh kaaan

percuma plastik bag hohoho.



.hermmmm satu keping untung 35 sen. satu beg ada tiga means satu pack untung rm1.05

hermmmm jual dua ratus ribu pack, boleh aaa beli MINI sebijik… hehehe.



agak agak ada buyer tak ?

price for big quantity is boleh runding punya….


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  1. wah menarik… income tambahan..

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