his birthday today

happy fifteen my dearest son….

(the only son, YET !)

if one day you happen to read this…

do know that papa loves you so very much


am so proud to be the father

of someone like u.


7 Responses to “his birthday today”

  1. yang ni ler yang tengah pmr nie

  2. wah..ensem le anak teruna you abang long…
    nampak pun bijak jek orgnya…

    • abanglong Says:

      putu – haha. kalau dia baca sure sengih kena puji.

      no lah. he’s just an ordinary kid. biasa biasa jerr 🙂

  3. Agak agak emcem dari bapak dia kot huhuhu

  4. serindit rimba Says:

    Yu hu…

    Sangat comel la dia… dan semua parent sayang anak2 dia kan??

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