Burst. Unsangkarable. Alhamdulillah

This happened many weeks ago. During a biz trip to southern region. Day trip with a fellow partner


Was cruising at 120-130 kmh when suddenly a loud burst from behind
Giler scary tukar tayar tepi hiway
Terbayang cerita ondscene
Kena langgar time tukar tayar tepi jalan
Putus kepala!
Dahler gelap !
Standard tire. Standard alloys
Perfect pressure
Few months old car with just about 30k km on the odometer
Tapi boleh meletup just like that
Moral of story
-make sure u have torchlight in the car :- which we dont have during that moment
-safety triangle really helps in those darkness – try get those battery operated with blinking LED
-tukar standard jack that comes with the car. Use the hidraullic type. Ringan kerja
And finally – make sure the spare is angin cukup’ed and boleh guna.


One Response to “Burst. Unsangkarable. Alhamdulillah”

  1. Senang jer..call cik abang 4 emergency case hehehe

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