Failed morning breakfast mission for nasi dagang
Came across one kedai tepi sungai dekat traffic light ukm and mint

Normal breakfast menu
Those nasi lemaks n roti canai’s n few other normal local delights
But almost semua meja sebelah got those nasi ayam
Nasi ayam for breakfast ?
But the kids nak nasi ayam jugak
It turns out to be one of the best nasi ayam i ever makan
Light nasi that is wangi as nasi ayam should be
The star of the day is the ayam
They said ayam madu……whatever la
Ayam goreng and laced with madu i guess
Yg best was the ayam tu mixed with all the sauces n kicap n sayur and bla bla.
Satu piring ayam satu pinggan nasi. Sup
All for rm4 a pop
TCRS sure kenot compete interms of tastelah!!
4 nasi ayam
1roti telur
2 roti garing
6 drinks
Sedap sedap sedap
More pics from hp cap buah
Un edited



Ample free parking
Got the phone no oso.
Nasi ayam madu sri melati


One Response to “Nasi.Ayam.Madu”

  1. ayuaisara Says:

    TCRS banyak msg..tinggal tulang showed a very satisfied customer.

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