Gajus.kereta hitam.budu

I took a short detour from work
Too many things to handle at one time. Processor overload
Gua musang – pit stop for lunch

Had a very satisfying marbelesssss lunch
Akak tu cakap rm4.5 drink included
On d way back to kl
Stop at the same row of shops
Park the car at the empty spot depan kedai
Akak itu sengih
Hermmm PR skill top notch!
Takkan dia cam aku kot
Took the same lauk. Almost the same lah
Drink the same teh o ice
Had the same orgasmic lunch
Akak tu datang kira
RM 7.00!!
Dari gua musang sampai raub aku still takleh compute why harga beza


5 Responses to “Gajus.kereta hitam.budu”

  1. budu FTW 😀

  2. banyak betul bezanya!

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