We designed, fabricate and supply one unit of flexi cable incircuit tester.
Basically it would check electronic circuit and functions and would display the results on a lcd display
Fully automatic and very fast
The customer was happy
Though we had many sleepless nights to ensure the machine works as dreamed
They made a repeat order
With some minor modifications
As their actual products will run under certain harsh environments
They requested to add vibrating functions
To vibrate the part
Penin aku camana nak design
Camana nak modify
As the vibrating motor tu nak as small as posible
Quick check with the net reveals a few oversea suppliers
With the cheapest is about 15 Usd each
But moq – minimum order quantity was 250 unit. Watper.… aku nak 7 jer
The little mcgyver in me springs into action
Modify existing products
Ngeh ngeh ngeh

Dont tell my client ehhhh
Rm22 solution
Rewired the vibrating motor from the condom
Add some resistors and diods
Reprogram the micon
It vibrates
They order 7 unit of the machine altogether


5 Responses to “Vibrating.condom.reengineered”

  1. serindit rimba Says:

    ha ha..janji boleh vibrate … gigih..

  2. orang yg jual tu pikir ape agaknya sampai 7 unit abanglong borong. woha!

  3. memang bijaaaaaaaak ah!

    • abanglong Says:

      aisyah – mcgyver skit haha

      but apparently they place new orders for the machine and the pharmacy chain tempat beli benda tu dah tak jual dah…


      penin !

      • maybe abanglong bley order terus ngan company yang buat benda tu? tentu ada alamat kilang tu kat paket/kotak benda alah tu…
        good luck~

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