bila rindu

so very long tak bukak wordpress !! sib baik password masih ingat.

my last entry was ages ago though i promised to write more often




and everything….

menjadi alasan !




recent stories.

– the company now is back to all male company. the female engineer had left last two months

– is replaced by one young engineer. terengganu mari. i was lucky to have him on board as he was very talented and hardworking. my major client was pleased with him and they were very happy. translation – more jobs to the company…insyaAllah

– cuaca in office tidak menentu… ribut !

– life…. hermmmm

its good to write again





see you all again !



the pic was taken in one of the felda in pahang

was there to tag along the official wedding photographer.

budak baru belajar ! hehe


i met one guy there

a government officer

who eventually became my client now

berpotensti besar…

doa doa yer !


2 Responses to “bila rindu”

  1. Salam abg long,
    wish u luck (doa…:) sometime it (rezqi) comes in a variety ways. sapa tahu kan pergi ambik pic tetiba dapat client! ok happy friday!

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