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mat saleh murtad

Posted in kerja with tags , on April 26, 2012 by abanglong

meeting with an Australian guy
one new project for kilang jarum
mamat ni cakap bahasa malaysia. broken but in full bahasa
tergeliat aku nak cakap bm ngan mat rambut perang nih!!!!


pro bono

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its almost 1 40 am when i emailed few quotations to few customers.

they came from few different companies with different business cultures.



i just tertiarap atas lantai

in the bedroom

with all the lights on



while the wife n kids were sound asleep.




yeah.. me is da boss.

for that small little company.


i’ve tulis one entry somewhere about one chinese businessman cerita to me about malay businessman

why we mostly failed compared to them.

and how he said that i need to think like a chinaman

boss means kerja kerja kerja lebih from others

boss melayu – weh, gua boss tau! keja gua main golf okeh.. dgn datuk sana tan sri sini.

boss means you were the first one to arrive and the last one to leave the office

boss melayu – chait!! ni kompeni aku, aku punya suka la mau masuk pukul 11 balik pukul dua….

boss means you tahu tahu tahu tahu tahu tahu whats is going on in your business line

boss melayu.. alaaaa sebab tu i hire must know how to tackle this problem.. you jangan tanya i……

boss means you sacrifice sacrifice sacrifice many many many many leisure in life

gaji aku mesti lima digit, kereta aku nak latest E class with driver.

boss means you must think think think think a few more steps from others

what ? go ask my engineers…..

boss means you must be bold and brave – in making decisions.

alaaa takpalah…okeyla dah macamni, orang lain lagi teruk appaaa… alaaa kau kerja kuatpun, kalau rezeki secupak tak kan segantangnya oii.



and many more things yg i rasa not appropriate to share.



all those things biasanya during few early years of your business



there will be time


when all your hardworks

all the tears

all those nonsense

diberi Anugerah dari Ilahi



and that will be the time, you reward yourself.


pada masa tu lah

biasanya, orang orang melayu

akan dengki

akan mula bercakap

bila kita memandu kereta besar sikit dari mereka

bila rumah tanah luas sikit dari mereka

bila baju mahal sikit dari dia



tru i guess.



frens, doakan moga abanglong berjaya; dunia dan akhirat.


bila rindu

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so very long tak bukak wordpress !! sib baik password masih ingat.

my last entry was ages ago though i promised to write more often




and everything….

menjadi alasan !




recent stories.

– the company now is back to all male company. the female engineer had left last two months

– is replaced by one young engineer. terengganu mari. i was lucky to have him on board as he was very talented and hardworking. my major client was pleased with him and they were very happy. translation – more jobs to the company…insyaAllah

– cuaca in office tidak menentu… ribut !

– life…. hermmmm

its good to write again





see you all again !



the pic was taken in one of the felda in pahang

was there to tag along the official wedding photographer.

budak baru belajar ! hehe


i met one guy there

a government officer

who eventually became my client now

berpotensti besar…

doa doa yer !


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1909 101111

still in the office. some of the staff were sent to install something in clienst place in shah alam, they use my car thus i cant balik yet.

also today, after many years managing this small company, i was tested

kesabaran, ketabahan, kasih sayang, setia kawan dan semangat juang.

i love all my staffs

i do

they were more like a family to me

the adik adik who were cling to their big abanglong

as shield of hope,faith and life.

so; was very very rare they kena marah

i never remember raising my voice to any of them.. not once.

the mistakes normally were neutralised with discussion and small meetings

naik lemak though, sometimes.

as the business is tougher and tougher

the overhead is bigger and bigger

costing is higher

yet the pricing or the quotations remains the same as zaman kaset dan floppy discs

i put the trust to two new engineers

one female and one male.

being with us for almost a year already.

both employed as a project engineer

assingned to do things a project engineer should do.

well..basically; everything they must do one


we, as in me and my partner

waited passionately for them to grew with us

have the same spirit, speak the same language, breath the same air.



ladyluck wasnt on our side

i dont really know what was wrong

kat mana silap kat mana salah

it seems that they sort of tak ada semangat

just kerja for the sake of makan gaji

ada kerja aku buat, ada kerja ada gaji kind of thinking


suruh design – failed – alasan, baru kerja… dah setahun dah wei

suruh buat marketing – failed – tak reti nak cakap – whattttt!!!!!!!

masuk kerja – patut 830 but almost 900 am baru sengih sengih clock in

suruh follow up clients – sekali bising sekali buat

suruh buat daily report – sekali tanya sekali hantar… tak tanya tak buat

information – most of the time they kept to themself… bila client call me about the progress, aku nganga tatau apa

suruh survey new market – hampehhhh…. none !

ajak makan – laju pulak !!!

suruh penetrate new departments dekat the same customer – till now tadek results….

dalam resume says can do this can do that – time kerja kenot do this kenot do that; bila ungkit, u ada mentioned dalam resume; owhhh itu saja tulis encik… was their answer.








tak dinafi also

they kerja okeh

sanggup stay back till four in the morning time kerja banyak

sanggup day trip to jb to meet a client

sanggup kesana kesini to settle problems

sanggup and boleh menerima any arahan etc



but project engineers need to do project engineers stuffs whaaaaat

salary – good

transportation allowance

minyak allowance

toll allowance

phone allowance

paid overtimes

personal insurance paid

hensem bosses …muahahahaha. ini selingan.

apasal kenot deliver as the company expected ?




until today

i called both of them to the room

short sharp serious talk

asked them whats the problems ?

they said nothing


said me

this meeting is the final meeting

if there is any next meeting about the same situation/problem

it gonna be an ugly conversation…

i give u two orders

one – follow all the company rules. all of the rules. period

two – i need results on sales and new business. i gave them target…

please ubah sikap

kalau tak boleh ubah… then it means that we can no longer work together.





once my former boss in japanese firm said to me

there are three rules adi-san

rule number one – boss always right

rule number two – follow rules number one

rule number three – boss always right.







Syukri dan saiful

Posted in kerja with tags , on August 12, 2011 by abanglong

He called me.inquiry about signal decoder and converter
Never deal with him nor his department before though their company is one of our major client
Takpa nanti saya check n will call u back later. Aku cakap sambil jot his name kat kertas
Aku then save his name dalam henpon changgeh aku huhu
Tadi aku nak call dia
Nk inform about harga n delivery
Aku amik henpon changgeh aku
Slide slide tekan tekan tekan
Slide slide tekan tekan
Shukri syukri sukeri shakri
Semua invalid
Aku sudah panas
Soem syakri soem shukri soem sukeri
Tadek jugak
Sony syukri sony shukri
Pun yillek
Call office
Cakap ngan engineer ferempuan
U tolong masuk bilik saya. Ada buku biru. Bawah buku ada kertas quotation material. Ada satu nombor telefon budak sony saya tulis kat situ. Tolong check sekarang
Seminit kemudian
Boss. Encik saiful 012 bla bla bla
Uik camana sukeri jadi saiful ?

Demi tugas

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Appointment with a cosmetic manufacturer in johor

Makin jelita aku nanti haha

bandung – the failed mission

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intro entry from the recent trip to bandung

hotel menu – called jus energy. mixture of lobak bit,cranberries,ginger

wierd taste but sufficient effect

otak otak – nice, sweet and so sedap

bit pricey though !

their version of bubur nasi – from a stall tepi jalan

despite all the glorious foods- still failed to find mee bandung or sirap bandung there ! obviously a failed mission in Bandung