pro bono

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its almost 1 40 am when i emailed few quotations to few customers.

they came from few different companies with different business cultures.



i just tertiarap atas lantai

in the bedroom

with all the lights on



while the wife n kids were sound asleep.




yeah.. me is da boss.

for that small little company.


i’ve tulis one entry somewhere about one chinese businessman cerita to me about malay businessman

why we mostly failed compared to them.

and how he said that i need to think like a chinaman

boss means kerja kerja kerja lebih from others

boss melayu – weh, gua boss tau! keja gua main golf okeh.. dgn datuk sana tan sri sini.

boss means you were the first one to arrive and the last one to leave the office

boss melayu – chait!! ni kompeni aku, aku punya suka la mau masuk pukul 11 balik pukul dua….

boss means you tahu tahu tahu tahu tahu tahu whats is going on in your business line

boss melayu.. alaaaa sebab tu i hire must know how to tackle this problem.. you jangan tanya i……

boss means you sacrifice sacrifice sacrifice many many many many leisure in life

gaji aku mesti lima digit, kereta aku nak latest E class with driver.

boss means you must think think think think a few more steps from others

what ? go ask my engineers…..

boss means you must be bold and brave – in making decisions.

alaaa takpalah…okeyla dah macamni, orang lain lagi teruk appaaa… alaaa kau kerja kuatpun, kalau rezeki secupak tak kan segantangnya oii.



and many more things yg i rasa not appropriate to share.



all those things biasanya during few early years of your business



there will be time


when all your hardworks

all the tears

all those nonsense

diberi Anugerah dari Ilahi



and that will be the time, you reward yourself.


pada masa tu lah

biasanya, orang orang melayu

akan dengki

akan mula bercakap

bila kita memandu kereta besar sikit dari mereka

bila rumah tanah luas sikit dari mereka

bila baju mahal sikit dari dia



tru i guess.



frens, doakan moga abanglong berjaya; dunia dan akhirat.



anak kena campak

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ciken pox
and she was denied to her play school
makanya we had to take turn jaga dia
today ikut papa datang office

never stop bercakap still
ignore the golp set kt blakang okeh

shapedek series – meggi ketam

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known about this meggi ketam from few blog posts.
specific delicacies originated from those fishermen who creatively add their fresh crabs to the innocent two minutes meggi mee
craving! craving!!
but only in kelantan beb!
the last time i was there – failed to cari  that dish
blame that to super sedap mums sambal lada
just fresh chilli, bit vinegar and salt
dash with piping hot ikan goreng
terbongkang kenyang!!
recent trip
i insist the sister
bring me to the kedai



err pardon the pics

it just doesnt really justify the taste..haha




some where 15 minutes from kota bharu
reached there about 8 30
audi, crv, accord, e class n one x6 parked along the roadside
pretty impressive for a small kedai tepi jalan
three of us
order maggi utk dua orang makan
took a while for the food to arrive

.. about ten tables

all full house. good business !!

pardon the pics once more
the photos was from the phone camera
ambience lighting doesn’t help!
well basically its just normal meggi curry
. took a sip of the kuah
masam pedas manis masin
all mixed in the piping hot soup
i can’t explain the taste
you gotta try yourself!!
sangat sedap
in the kuah was a marriage of haiwan haiwan
hahaha – kasi anti climax skit
its a soup based
with chunks of daging, urat keting, some perut, some lemak
combo with mid sized pink prawns
delicious delicious!
there were tomatoes that add the sweet sour kick to the tangy kuah
fresh sweet udang, soft n sweet taste
. banyak okeh isi dia!

also got the poached eggs

the running yolk was just nice

sedap sedap
and star of the day
three palm sized crabs
lots of white soft meat
thumb sized claws
the maggi tastes so different from the ordinary maggi i’ve enjoyed all these years
its like
all these while you were masturbating then suddenly you got the real taste of sex
perumpamaan seorang engineer.
but seriously
was billed rm38 for the meal plus drinks
i was told that the price is not fixed
seasonal priced and ikut harga ketam
i also told that if u were lucky or you ordered in advance
you might get a very big ketams
apparently they slow cooked the daging n sengkatan
rebus till all the daging was really soft and tender
melt in mouth
that explains the thick full bodied broth
biasa kita masak meggi guna air paip sajork hahaha
the udang n ketam n the greens were add while those things boiling in individual pot
made to order
the sayur andd the crunchy bites to the meal
. i never imagine humble meggi mee could turn out to taste that awesome
it was nice
trust me!
i whatsapp the pics to the wifey who was in kl
with a promise to bring her once we turun kelantan
she said
gambar pun nampak sedap!!

starbuck haram!

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someone posted to me that starbuck drinks were laced with pork byproduct.

check with jakim for more info

and dear jakim people, please be more proactive!!

bila rindu

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so very long tak bukak wordpress !! sib baik password masih ingat.

my last entry was ages ago though i promised to write more often




and everything….

menjadi alasan !




recent stories.

– the company now is back to all male company. the female engineer had left last two months

– is replaced by one young engineer. terengganu mari. i was lucky to have him on board as he was very talented and hardworking. my major client was pleased with him and they were very happy. translation – more jobs to the company…insyaAllah

– cuaca in office tidak menentu… ribut !

– life…. hermmmm

its good to write again





see you all again !



the pic was taken in one of the felda in pahang

was there to tag along the official wedding photographer.

budak baru belajar ! hehe


i met one guy there

a government officer

who eventually became my client now

berpotensti besar…

doa doa yer !

am back

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after all

life goes on.




miss u all.

Tengku syarifah amalina nabila hudanadia

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Is the name for her patrick
Panjangnya nama said bapak arnab
Ermm panggil cik debab jerr
Kata arnab kecik