new project

i’ve got an instinct.

this morning i just call my old client, those arab guys. they were in their office and i went there; just for a chat. hehehe. courtesy visit !

actually, it has been some times since my last visit. lots of story exchanged

talk about current economy, talk about paklah, talk about  the best nasi beriani, talk about his new baby, talk about the new 407, talk about everything

jokes around

and then he told me.. well actually i was going to call you today. you see; we had this project that we need to do…and  bla bla bla.

was really smiling when i sign out at their security office. even the makcik guard notice… hai, senyum jer adi!






and i notice something while driving…. banyak nyer job aku nak kena design !!!!

tersedak !


8 Responses to “new project”

  1. Follow your instinct. It’s always good.

  2. all the best to ur new project!!!!

  3. kamal @ ammadtech Says:

    he..he.. tak cukup kaki ke… tangan ke… kepala ke.. jangan segan2 nak offer!! 🙂

  4. fantastic!

  5. so far “chinese new year tales” works well with you eh?.. good ong maa!!!congrats!!

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